WI Supports Public Health Investments - Prevention

Healthy living poll reveals Wisconsinites support healthier places to live, work and play.

Near-complete agreement among all populations – men, women, Democrats, Republicans, and residents from all areas of the state! The poll, focusing on obesity prevention and tobacco issues, includes such results as these:

Nine out of ten Wisconsin residents view childhood obesity as a serious problem.

67% of respondents favor closing tobacco tax loopholes by requiring that candy and fruit flavored tobacco products are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes.

84% favor requiring locally-grown fruit and vegetables in schools and government facilities.

86% of respondents favor requiring 60 minutes of daily physical activity during the school day

Complete results for the state and by county

Check out this WPR interview with coalitions from Western Wisconsin

  • Vernon County Farm to School

    Vernon County

    Vernon County Farm to School is taking it to the next level! We will increase local foods in school lunches, develop local distribution and Wellness Policies for every Vernon County school. Our strong community food coalition will hire a county-wide coordinator and expand our AmeriCorps program. We envision every child eating local, healthy food and having fun trying new vegetables.


  • Transforming Marathon County

    Marathon County

    Transformation is the act of changing and once transformed you cannot change back. Marathon County is transforming into the ideal place to live, play, learn, and do business. We have EBT/debit access at Farmers Markets, built new community gardens, adopted a bike/pedestrian plan, and decreased access to tobacco products. Next we will implement Farm to School, Joint Use agreements and smoke free housing. Through our strong partnerships with stakeholders, organizations and businesses we are making healthy choices the easy choice.


  • Transforming Fond du Lac County - A Path to Living Well

    Fond du Lac County

    Mobilizing our strong base of existing coalitions and true community partnerships will enable our county to achieve total wellness and affect community-level action with state-level impact. Fond du Lac County residents will eat healthier, be more active and breathe smoke-free air as a result of our focus on improving outcomes related to specific public health concerns as identified in our latest community-wide health assessment.


  • Transformation through Collaboration

    La Crosse County

    La Crosse County will become the healthiest county by 2015. Thirty community organizations will continue collaborating to make this dream a reality by improving access to local fruits and vegetables though County-wide farm to school initiatives and EBT/Debit card acceptance at farmers' markets, helping children lead active lifestyles before, during and after school, and increasing all residents’ opportunities to live tobacco free through increased access to smoke free housing and decreased access to OTP.


  • Tomah/Sparta/Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton Area Schools on the Go

    Monroe County

    Smiling faces and beautiful places are what you can find in these Monroe County spaces. Let’s get Monroe County Schools ROCKING so we can see bigger and brighter smiles and fruits & veggies that go on for milessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Tobacco Free, Living Lean, Eating Green

    Manitowoc County

    It's time to step it up! Building on the collaborative partnerships of the Healthiest Manitowoc County 2020 coalition, we will improve our youth's future through increased access to healthy activities, foods, and tobacco free housing.


  • Step It Up Rock County

    Rock County

    Where you live, work and play MATTERS. 65.3 percent of Rock County residents are classified as overweight or obese. Innovative partnerships will increase access to: •Healthy foods: local farmers and the school districts will collaborate to offer healthy choices. •Low-cost family access to school athletic facilities. •Smoke-free housing through education aimed at local landlords.


  • Smoke Free Apartments = Clear Gains

    Monroe County

    I scream! You Scream! We all Scream for Smoke-Free Apartments! Because quality and affordable housing is a concern of Monroe County residents and 72% of WI renters would prefer non-smoking buildings we will work with the community to increase the availability of smoke-free apartments and work with youth to decrease OTP access.


  • Roadmap to a Healthier Community

    Clark County

    Fun, fit, and active in Clark County! Watch as our community comes alive through proactive partnerships and active residents!!


  • re:TH!NKing What Healthy Looks Like

    Winnebago County

    re:TH!NK is eager and ready to transform our community! Through effective collaboration, re:TH!NK is creating an environment that enables healthy food choices, promotes active lifestyles and deters tobacco use in order to improve the quality of life for all of our Winnebago County residents.


  • Polk County WEALTH...Working together to create and sustain Wellness, Environment and Action Linked To Health

    Polk County

    Polk County is excited to work with a variety of community partners to create a stronger, healthier and more active Polk County. With effective community collaboration, Polk County is striving to achieve and sustain a healthier community through innovative efforts to institutionalize farm to school programs, create environments conducive to active lifestyles, provide opportunities to live in smoke-free apartments and facilitate learning about new tobacco products.


  • Planting the Seed: Columbia County's F2S Journey

    Columbia County

    The journey from seed-to-cafeteria tray is being nurtured in Columbia County with the aim to re-connect schools with locally grown fresh food produced by our neighboring farmers. Several organizations will champion this initiative, which will, cultivate eating healthy food, build a strong local food economy, and encourage a cultural change that will help other schools replicate.


  • Places to Play

    Burnett County

    Burnett County is bursting with Places to Play! The Places to Play Initiative will ignite a transformation…towards a healthier future for people of all ages in Burnett County. Our safe parks, premiere wildlife areas, numerous trails, lakes, rivers, and open indoor gyms will provide our children, families, adults and senior citizens, opportunities to participate in and enjoy physical activity.


  • P.L.A.Y. DANE (Policy Leaders for Active Youth)

    Dane County

    Through the partnership of 25 community agencies, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative mission is to develop and advance policies to improve the physical activity and nutrition environments for children in Dane County. The Collaborative will implement a CHANGE assessment process, and the results will lead policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to make the healthy choice the easy choice for increasing physical activity, including Joint Use agreements.


  • Land of Oz - Smoke Free

    Ozaukee County

    Smoke-free housing and reduced youth access to Other Tobacco Products. Oh my! Ozaukee County, through its community coalition partners, plans to educate and influence local policies to ensure smoke-free housing is available. In addition Ozaukee youth (also known as Munchkins) deserve to be free and clear from Big Tobacco's influence and their push for Other Tobacco Products. "Toto, I have a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore."


  • Increasing FITness in Richland County

    Richland County

    Providing opportunities for Richland County residents to fit physical activity into each day is a priority for RichlandFIT! This project will create a one-stop online database of all existing programs that utilize the joint use agreement between the Richland School District and City Park &Rec; Department. It will also create a social support campaign highlighting community leaders as role models to encourage neighbors, friends and families to be active together.


  • Home Is Where The Heart Lives

    Dane County

    Everyone has the right to breathe smoke-free air and live tobacco-free. Step 1: Children and families in Dane County will be given more options to live in smoke-free housing and understand that ‘Home is Where the Heart Lives. Step 2: Reducing Dane County children's access to Big Tobacco’s OTP.


  • Healthy People Kenosha County

    Kenosha County

    Healthy People Kenosha County will mobilize community resources to increase children and family access to and awareness of fun and safe places to be active, access to and education of healthy foods and smoke-free apartments to live in, and decrease access to other tobacco products.


  • Healthy Happens in Wood County

    Wood County

    Wood County will be the healthiest place to live, learn, work and play! Together, Wood County and more than 100 community partners will collaborate to collectively impact residents’ health. Our active coalitions of local and regional leaders will pursue policy changes that support tobacco-free environments, access to healthy foods and increased opportunities for physical activity. Healthy will happen here!


  • Healthy East Central Region

    Shawano County

    Join the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission as it seeks to make our region more active! We are starting by seeking joint use agreements in the Shawano School District Area. This will be followed up with a region wide program that seeks to make being active easy! Our vision is to be more active on a regional scale by working with the great school districts, local governments, and advocacy groups that make up our region.


  • Healthier Together - St. Croix County

    St. Croix County

    Healthier Together, our county-wide, community health improvement initiative, has the capacity to move priorities into action. With dynamic, multi-sector coalition partners, engaged communities and continued collaboration county-wide, Healthier Together is capable of making long-term sustainable changes. Our vision is to contribute to the transformation of St. Croix County through the creation and promotion of healthy environments – tobacco-free living (smoke-free housing), farm to school programs (local fresh fruits and veggies) and active communities (places to play for families and children).


  • Get Active Brown County

    Brown County

    We believe that every person in our community should have access to safe and enjoyable places to be active - from walking to school, biking to work, playing on a school playground, or sharing our gyms - we can get everyone up and moving. Our vision is to make Brown County, WI the healthiest community in the nation!


  • Farmshed's The Greenhouse Project

    Portage County

    Central Rivers Farmshed recently launched The Greenhouse Project, an all-encompassing community revitalization effort to transform an abandoned garden center into a community food center. The acquisition of this property has afforded Farmshed the opportunity to deepen our region’s relationship with the food system in all forms: from growing, to processing, preserving, cooking and finally eating.  


  • Farm to School for Madison Schools and Greater Dane County

    Dane County

    Changing the culture of school lunch is critical for obesity prevention among our youth. When children are repeatedly exposed to fresh local foods in school and have the opportunity to meet the farmer who grew their food or see exactly where their food comes from, they absolutely WILL eat their veggies… and even ask for more. We will work to secure policies and programs so that all students in Madison schools will be served fresh healthy food grown on local farms, and further share these models with school districts throughout Dane County.


  • Eat Smart Brown County

    Brown County

    We want to transform our community into a place where health, academic achievement and the economy are supported by increased access to affordable, healthy, local food – starting with the cafeteria. Our vision is to make Brown County, WI the healthiest community in the nation!


  • Driftless Wisconsin Grown Initiative

    Crawford County

    Growing Community, Growing Healthy Children, Growing Economy, Growing Opportunities Through Local Foods. The Driftless Wisconsin Grown Initiative will connect farmers and consumers by nurturing the local food economy through greater consumer access to locally grown, healthy foods and increased ability of local farmers to add value to their products.


  • CAHL Transforms Communities

    Outagamie County

    Community Action For Healthy Living, Inc. has a long history of making positive changes in communities. This grant will enable our multi-jurisdictional coalition partners to change lives through farm-to-school programs in Outagamie and Calumet Counties; increase activity in Outagamie and Calumet Counties through education and expansion of multi-use spaces; and promote smoke-free multi-unit housing in Brown and Waupaca Counties; and tax equity for OTP in Outagamie, Brown, Calumet, and Waupaca Counties.


  • Breathing Easy in the Northwoods

    Ashland County

    Everyone in Ashland County deserves the opportunity to “breathe easy,” especially in their home. Science clearly shows that secondhand smoke is greatly damaging to our health and often deadly. People living in rental properties too often do not have a choice in the matter because they are regularly exposed to their neighbor’s smoke. This includes many vulnerable children and seniors. ALA in Wisconsin and the Northwest Wisconsin Tobacco Free coalition believe that this situation needs to be changed. We will bring the community together to work to assure that many more rental properties will go smokefree. We will also educate the community and community leaders on how we can reduce the use of very harmful “other tobacco products” that big tobacco is marketing to our young people.


  • Breathe Free Racine County

    Racine County

    Breathe Free Racine County (BFRC) will work to educate owners of Multi-Unit Housing (MUH) on the benefits of smoke-free apartments because many people, especially children and the elderly who are low-income, are affected by the harm of second hand smoke. BFRC will also seek to increase the amount of smoke free housing options and work to equalize the cost of Other Tobacco Products (OTP's) as a way to decrease use by children and young adults.


Be part of the transformation!